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I help crazy-busy content managers, creative directors, and entrepreneurs by crafting copy that leads to more clicks, conversions, and cash.


Content Marketing. Website copy. SEO. Sales pages. From the top to the bottom of the sales funnel, I write the words that turn into wins. Who doesn’t want to win?


And it’s not just the bottom line. It’s also all about the benefit to the reader and the problem your product or service solves.


The nitty gritty is researching voice-of-customer data from the target market and then using frameworks and persuasion techniques that work almost like mind-reading. The goal is to transform often complex concepts into actionable next steps. But my favorite CTA will always be “Buy Now.”


I guess that’s why the results speak for themselves. On the content side, improved SEO, more page views, and delightful analytics, and on the copywriting side, let’s just say, “Cha-Ching!”


No matter where your prospect is in the buyer’s journey, we’re always selling them a better version of themselves.


And for my clients, I’m trying to help them build a better business, and you can’t do that without thinking long term. So, to steal a metaphor from the world of romance, it’s Courting not Dating, Relational not Transactional, eHarmony not Tinder.


That’s why I write until you’re overjoyed with the copy and meet DEADLINES. Can I get an “Amen?”


Apparently, flaky freelancers never meet deadlines. Also, I respond to Slacks, emails, and phone calls. And, of course, go the extra mile. You know all that decent human being stuff that would make grandma smile, along with this old-fashioned concept called “doing what you said you what do.”


My clients and past employers include B2B and B2C companies like Bank of America, Benzinga, Huckleberry, Insurify, Liberty Mutual, RE/MAX, Toyota, and Verizon.


My expertise touches technology, insurance, finance, real estate, and SAAS. I also have a degree in electrical engineering, insurance licenses, a real estate license, and a HubSpot Content Marketing Certification.


I live in the Greater Phoenix area with my wife, five kids, and lots of air conditioning. Originally from Michigan, but have been here since there were five candles on the cake. At this point, if you cut me, I bleed sunshine. Besides, anything below 70 degrees is freezing.


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If you’re ready to heat things up, contact me for “Writing so Well, You’ll See Future Sales.” You can book a call here:



Clients and Previous Companies
What Clients Are Saying...
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"Courtney is an absolute joy to work with. His accessible writing style and incredible research skills have allowed thousands of our readers to better understand complex personal finance topics and make more informed buying decisions. He's very communicative, is receptive to feedback, and carries out his work with undeniable integrity. I would recommend his services to anyone looking for well-researched articles and flawless writing."
Tanveen Vorha
Content and PR at Insurify
I'm Too Legit to Quit!
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I help crazy-busy content managers, creative directors, and entrepreneurs by writing copy that leads to more clicks, conversions, and cash.